Why Donate?

  • Your funds directly support our mission.

    Our mission is to provide an environment that offers guidance to cancer patients and their families from diagnosis, treatment, and recovery through education, support, and therapeutic services.

  • All funds are from the community, and stay in the community.

    Unlike nationally recognized cancer organizations, your donations will only be used to support cancer patients and their families in the Sauk Valley & surrounding area. We are not funded by any national cancer organization, we rely on local donations to fulfill our mission.

  • Our services are free to cancer patients and their families.

    Cancer is a costly illness that can become a long-term heavy financial burden to patients and their families. We passionately believe no patient should have to pay for any of the education, support, or services we provide.

"I am profoundly grateful for the consistent care and companionship that was offered by Home of Hope when I was present for treatment appointments. Client services were there with me at the turn of every new page of my journey to offer guidance, support, a welcome distraction, and when needed a little laughter to help me through. I describe myself as “the luckiest cancer patient alive!" -Lynn

Ways To Donate