Making Life With Cancer Much Easier

Supportive services for individuals and families affected by cancer

Find Comfort at Our Wellness Center

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be an uncertain and confusing time for you and a member of your family. You may feel overwhelmed with information, decisions, and emotions, but you are not alone. Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center in Dixon, IL is here to help.


About Us

Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization that offers support, wellness, educational, and referral services for people with cancer, their loved ones, as well as survivors. We want them to feel relaxed and at home, so our professional and caring staff fosters a warm and welcoming environment for our visitors.


We hold an array of activities, ranging from education programs to support group sessions. Each of these focuses on a particular aspect of living with or surviving cancer.

Support and Networking Groups Available

As we enter 2020, we are switching things up. For now, groups will be on a hiatus as we are in the process of making them better. Stay tuned for new and exciting things coming your way!

  • Facing the Challenge

    Check back soon for updates!

  • Care for the Caregiver

    Check back soon for updates!

  • Ladies of Love, Life, and Laughter!

    Check back soon for updates!

Educational Bites

A common side effect of chemotherapy is dry mouth, which is caused by the reduction of saliva. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay since saliva is needed to neutralize acids from food and dental plaque. Help keep your mouth moist and tooth decay at bay with the following suggestions:

  • 1 Brush and floss after every meal, snack, and before bedtime.
  • 2 Use a soft toothbrush and soak it in water to soften it before brushing.
  • 3 Drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • 4 Make sure your mouthwash does not contain alcohol.
  • 5 Avoid or limit your intake of acidic, spicy, and hot foods.
  • 6 Use a product like Biotène® to address dry mouth issues.

Make a Difference by Donating Generously

Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center is a local nonprofit that is not associated with and does not receive funding from the American Cancer Society or any other national cancer organization. Our group operates exclusively on private foundations, grants, and generous donations from our local communities. Make a contribution today if you believe in our cause.