On February 29th we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and saving lives! We will proudly partner with the American Red Cross to host a community blood drive.

Each pint of blood we collect can help save up to three lives and will touch the lives of so many more.
What a great way to pay it forward and make an impact on people in our community and across the

To sign up, please use the link below, or call us at 815-288-4673

If you’ve had cancer and want to donate blood, you’ll need to check and make sure your blood will be accepted. There are some kinds of cancer and cancer treatments that mean a cancer survivor will not be allowed to donate.

If you’ve had Kaposi sarcoma or a hematologic (blood) cancer like leukemialymphoma, or multiple myeloma, you won’t ever be able to donate blood or blood products.

For most other kinds of cancer, you might be able to donate blood if:

  • You’ve finished treatment for your cancer
  • It’s been at least 12 months since your treatment ended
  • You’ve had no signs of the cancer coming back in the past 12 months

Some low-risk cancers like cancer in-situ and non-melanoma skin cancers that have been removed don’t require a 12-month waiting period. Pre-cancers don’t usually disqualify a person as long as they’ve been treated.

The best way to find out if you are allowed to donate is to call your local blood donation center. Donation centers may have different rules or waiting periods. 

Some cancer survivors who want to donate blood may worry that they might give cancer to the person who is given their blood. There have been no reports of cancer spreading to another person through a blood transfusion.

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