Grieving the loss of a loved one can feel overwhelming and isolating, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. In this supportive and compassionate class, led by Claire Bianco, you’ll find a safe space to explore your feelings, share your experiences, and learn healthy coping strategies.

Each week, we’ll cover different aspects of the grieving process, from understanding your emotions to finding ways to honor your loved one’s memory. Through guided discussions, reflective exercises, and supportive activities, you’ll gain valuable insights and tools to help you move forward on your journey of healing.

Whether you’re grappling with recent loss or still processing past grief, this class offers a supportive community and practical guidance to help you find hope and healing.

This is a 5-week course. Please know all 5 weeks must be attended to receive the full benefit of the course. The following dates will be determined during the introductory session.

Date: April 17th Time: 4PM Location: Hope Cancer Wellness Center

To secure your spot at Pathways Through Grief, be sure to register by April 15th. You can easily register by giving us a call at 815-288-4673 or by registering online.


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