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The Events of Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center

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Home of Hope is proud to introduce The Living History Program. The Living History Program is now offered at the Home of Hope graciously because of Sheila Brune, RN, MS, CPHQ. Living History is quite simply a story about you! It is a history of who you are and YOUR life.

Please contact us and let us assist you in telling YOUR story. Please call to set up an appointment for your time to tell YOUR story!


Registration Hammer for Hope

for more information, route information got to FB @HopeCWC or email jpadilla@hohrrv.com The ride starts and ends at Home of ...

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and anxiety. Please enjoy this program in the comfort of your home. If you ...

Cancer Treatment & Appetite Changes

Our Wellness Wednesday segment for June 24, 2020 discusses appetite changes and tips on improving yours.https://youtu.be/l2TSIJOgBIY

Chemotherapy & Your Feet

Foot care is critical during active cancer treatment. Join Daria today as she shares side effects of Chemo, symptoms of ...