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The Events of Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center

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Home of Hope is proud to introduce the Living Mindfully series. This course offers eight unique and engaging experiences to live and appreciate the "here and now". Participants will learn the techniques and tools that will help reduce stress and anxiety to live a happy and full life. The Living Mindfully series is offered bi-annually and is open to cancer patients, family members, and caretakers. Look for dates in the newsletter or call the center for more information. 815.288.4673


Dealing with Chemo-Induced Fatigue – November 29th, 6 pm

Feeling Blah? No energy? Are you missing out on activities with family and friends because you're just too tired? Chemo-induced ...

” Getting Through the Holidays” November 17th, 6 pm

Have you had to say goodbye to a loved one? Family and holidays go together, a time for celebrating and ...

The Glow of Gratitude- Artful Party- November 9- 6 pm

Let's bring out your creative side[ we all have one]! Art is not only a medium of expression but can ...

9/21/22 Death Cafe’ 6 pm

Death is an experience that we will all share, yet in our culture is rarely openly discussed. Join us fora ...