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The Events of Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center

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Home of Hope is proud to introduce the Living Mindfully series. This course offers eight unique and engaging experiences to live and appreciate the "here and now". Participants will learn the techniques and tools that will help reduce stress and anxiety to live a happy and full life. The Living Mindfully series is offered bi-annually and is open to cancer patients, family members, and caretakers. Look for dates in the newsletter or call the center for more information. 815.288.4673


Spring Blooms April 18th – @5:30pm

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment." Georgia ...

Yoga with Brandan! April 4th – @ 5:00

This program is open to ALL skill levels regardless of your range of motion! Mat or Chair Yoga is available. ...

March 15, 6 pm- Story Telling

Each of our lives is comprised of several chapters that ultimately encompass the story of our lives and, in part, ...

March 8, 6 pm- Anticipatory Grief

Grief can be felt in ways that are not simply the result of a death. Anticipatory grief is similar to ...